Teaming, QOS, and Virtual Fabric Adapters

By Aaron Whittaker

Lab: This is all done on Windows 2012 server.
Teaming: assume I have a x4 (quad) 10gig card for this discussion and demonstration.  That will give you an aggregate of 40gig in a team.  This is great and can be pooled using tagged/untagged traffic with QOS!

(First demo will be in GUI but can be done in Powershell [PS], the second demo can only be done in PS)

Go To Server Manger, Local Server, Select Teaming,  Tasks, New Team, Insert a team name and select the nics.

Insert a team name and select the nics.

Once this is done, select the team, select Team Interface, Add Interface, Enter a name and an additional port.

At the end of this demonstration we now have the team of nics that has untagged (default) traffic and also an additional DMZ VLAN 200.

We could add this to a single Hyper-V virtual switch and everything would work as expected.  Are we done? No. There is no isolation (customers may not like DMZ on the same virtual switch) additionally there is no switch QOS settings. Delete the interface and Team and start again.

In PowerShell lets make the a team with the same adapters.

New-NetLbfoTeam “4x10GbE Team” –TeamMembers “Ethernet 2″,“Ethernet 4″,“Ethernet 5″,“Ethernet 6″ –TeamNicName “4x10GbE”

Now we create a Hyper-V Virtual Switch that binds to the NIC team, this switch has bandwidth management set by KB/S.

New-VMSwitch “LM40GbE switch” –NetAdapterName “4x10GbE Team” –MinimumBandwidthMode Absolute –AllowManagementOS $false

New-VMSwitch “Mgmt40GbE switch” –NetAdapterName “4x10GbE Team” –MinimumBandwidthMode Absolute –AllowManagementOS $false

Now we can make many Virtual Fabric Adapters for the Hyper-V host.  Create a virtual NIC in the management operating system for Live Migration, and Virtual Machines.

Add-VMNetworkAdapter –ManagementOS –Name “LiveMig” –SwitchName “LM40GbE switch”

Add-VMNetworkAdapter –ManagementOS –Name “VMs” –SwitchName “Mgmt40GbE switch”

Assign a VLAN to the virtual network adapters.

Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan –ManagementOS –VMNetworkAdapterName LiveMig –Access –VlanId 100

Set-VMNetworkAdapterVlan –ManagementOS –VMNetworkAdapterName Mgmt –Access –VlanId 1

For QOS/BandWidth managment, I refered to this

The reason to utilize the Add-VMNetworkAdapter cmdlet is we can now have a dedicated Virtual Network Adapter for the Host to assign to the Virtual Switch.  We can then have full switch isolation while utilizing a shared pool resource (the nic team).  Now that we have different switches we can set different bandwidth polices for different pools of VMs or VLANS.

All comments/suggestions are welcomed.

Aaron @aaronw2003


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