How to install Microsoft Office 2016

Register for the preview by going here
Then proceed to here to download the script
Download the script

Uninstall any previous versions of Office 2013 and Project and Visio.

Run the following to download the source files. (I am installing EN US 32 bit version)
PS C:\Users\aaron\Downloads\Admin_OfficePreview\Admin_OfficePreview> .\setup.exe /download
Run the following to install Office 2016.
PS C:\Users\aaron\Downloads\Admin_OfficePreview\Admin_OfficePreview> .\setup.exe /configure C:\Users\aaron\Downloads\Admin_OfficePreview\Admin_OfficePreview\Install_en-us\ProPlus_en-us_x86.xml

The installer will start up.


The installer will minimise to the taskbar.


Run the following to install Project 2016.
PS C:\Users\aaron\Downloads\Admin_OfficePreview\Admin_OfficePreview> .\setup.exe /configure C:\Users\aaron\Downloads\Admin_OfficePreview\Admin_OfficePreview\Install_en-us\Project_en-us_x86.xml
Run the following to install Visio 2016.
PS C:\Users\aaron\Downloads\Admin_OfficePreview\Admin_OfficePreview> .\setup.exe /configure C:\Users\aaron\Downloads\Admin_OfficePreview\Admin_OfficePreview\Install_en-us\Visio_en-us_x86.xml

Enter your registered details to Trial Software.



I am running Windows 10 build 9926.  I get the following error when I use the snipping tool and I attempt to email from within the tool (Via Outlook 2016).


Licensing Update:

You only get a few days grace without a valid license.

How to activate -> you simply need enter credentials for a valid Office 365 mailbox.  No other licenses/key will work.

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