Office 365 Brisbane – September Meetup


I will be speaking at the Office 365 Brisbane user group on September 23. The content will be:

We have a guest speaker Aaron Whittaker who has kindly offered his time to present a session on Microsoft’s Cloud Identity Foundation, Strategy and identity bridge. This will start at 6:00pm and run till around 7:30pm

We will also have a chance to ask questions should anyone have anything they would like to discuss from 7:30pm till 8:00pm.

I hope everyone can join us for this event and I look forward to seeing everyone there. Please see below for an overview of Aaron’s presentation.

This session will discuss Microsoft’s Cloud Identity Foundation, Strategy and identity bridge.  We will discuss the current and beta features.  We will discuss the short and long term roadmap of features and capabilities.

We will start with a broader overview and then show specific scenarios and demonstrations regarding syncing identities.  There will be approximately 3-5 demo’s (the demonstrations chosen will depend on GA releases closer to the date, and those that would be relevant at that time. The session will:

• Demonstrate Azure AD Connect, Microsoft’s Identity foundation.

• Outline resiliency.

• Discuss a longer and more complex deployment with federation (ADFS).

• Demonstrate Azure AD Connect Health which is a new component and feature.

• Demonstrate joining a device to Azure AD· Discuss customers final hybrid state based on the Microsoft road map.

If you have an questions please drop a message at

To register please click here.

profile picAaron @aaronw


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