Microsoft Australian Partner Conference MSAPC2015 Day 2 Keynote Summary

A theme of the conference was sharing an opportunity experience and a selfie via Twitter.


I started the day in the hub with a coffee and collected an 8 gig usb stick in a credit card. Nice.


The Keynote got underway with Adam Spencer as the MC.

Phil Sorgen came onstage to deliver a very enthusiastic keynote. He discussed the transformations that partners and customer are currently undergoing.  He discussed how partners need to differentiate themselves to increase their EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization). The digital marketing landscape has changed. Successful partners are now using reputation and peer reviews to drive business. All partners need to look at how the buyers are changing. Businesses need to transform people measurements with the changing sales model and selling cloud based services. Without this partners will stall. They need to retune their scorecard aligning sellers and businesses objectives.


Phil announced Surestep profitability benchmark tool which is on the Microsoft Partner network.

Microsoft is committed to $11.4 billion dollars of research and development a year. They now have five cloud performance based competencies. Microsoft is driving shared success with the 3000 Microsoft Australia staff and the partner network. Phil’s commitment to driving the change:

  • Increase the value
  • Lower the cost
  • Make it easier

Something he didn’t focus on but came through in the session “cloud first, mobile first” commitment.

Karl Redenbach CEO of Live Tiles then gave a great speech.  He shared how Live Tiles has just listed on the asx under the code #lvt.  Their past experience with SharePoint solutions that is now Rhipe. They global customers such as Nike and Pepsi using their customized Office 365 solutions.  They have over 2 million end users, and they have a footprint in over 30 countries. Karl shared that his goal was that he wanted to create a solution for users to easily change SharePoint UI’s without code. #nocode

Scott Osborne from Total Synergy then came onstage and discussed about transitioning to Azure and creating MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue). His organization has transformed dramatically over the past few years. They are now focused on engaging earlier on with the customer with marketing to drive and convert sales. His surprising ratio mix is now 1 sales maker for each 4 marketing staff members. In past years I am sure the reverse would have been the norm. The integration of the marketing team has had a massive impact. Less traditional printed material and roadshow. His sales cycle time has dropped from 130 days to an impressive 30 days. The  now foster client engagement and have reduced customer churn to 2%.

Neil Wilson from Oakton spoke about their business transformation with Dimension Data. The partnership transformed into ownership. They are focused around providing solutions that are business innovation, delivering stable updates to customers. Effectively transforming to an annuity business.

Tiffani Bova is an Analysist from Gartner. She is a recent recipient of the Gartner thought leadership award.


She shared the top 10 business changes.


She discussed the importance of creating fluid and timely solutions. The market is driving and pushed by mobility in this new reality. Every company will become an IT company. Whether it is RFD integration at Disney theme parks, BI in coke machines or Phillips light bulbs there is a clear transformation occurring. Now the most disruptive item in the buyer’s journey is the customer themselves. Tiffani said she loves hearing how partners have reimagined their business.


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