Using Microsoft Media Services, Azure Media Player and Azure CDN

Firstly lets explore what the two services are and what they offer.

Microsoft Media Services– A cloud media solution for encoding, encrypting, and streaming audio or video at scale, live or on demand. This is fully integrated to Azure’s CDN (Content Delivery Network).

Azure Media Player– Plays Media that you upload to the above media services. You can view this content from the basic Azure media player website or embed this in another website.

I could not find a fully completed blog on this topic, so I was working rather blindly.

Below are my steps:

Firstly I created a media service.


Then I uploaded a video, I found an old short video on my laptop.


Then I selected Process.


I left the options as default except I shortened my output content name from the default name.


Here you can see the encoding task which took several minutes for a 10 second video.


Then I created 1 Streaming Unit.


Now you can see my original and encoded content. Note that the encoded file is 7 times larger. Then I copied the URL for the encoded file.


Then I pasted my video file in the URL field. I then selected update player button and my video started loading and playing. Up the top you will note two orange sections. You can share the URL, or get the code to embed this within your website to deliver this content. As this is a free WordPress blog I was unable to embed it in the site. However I was able to link the content HERE.


Please share any comments and ideas on embedding the video in the WordPress blog below. If any one wants to try to embed the video for testing themselves they can also do that obtaining the link above.

Aaron Whittaker @aaronw2003

IMG_0441.5 - bnecloud


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