April User Group- What’s new in Virtualization in Windows Server 2016

Windows Server 2016 – Virtualization – In this session Jeff Alexander will discuss and show what’s new in Virtualization in Windows Server 2016 including increases in security and flexibility and improvements in deployment and Hyper-V Containers.

Jeff Alexander started at Microsoft in August 1987 as a Support Professional focusing on operating systems and desktop applications for Enterprise Customers. Since then he spent 6 years in Microsoft’s internal IT team as a Datacenter manager.  One of his biggest projects he was involved with was consolidation of the Sydney site to Singapore.  Jeff Alexander now focuses his passion for Windows Infrastructure and Microsoft Cloud technologies as an Sr. Technical Evangelist promoting and enabling the community of IT Professionals through vehicles as TechNet events; blogging, the TechNet Web Site , User Groups, MVP’s, and online webcasts.



Great prizes on offer!

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User Group Session March- EMS: Everybody together now- Reminder

Just a reminder that next week we will have our EMS session. Presented by Microsoft’s Andrew Lowson and Edge Pereira.

If you have a spare/blank device bring it along and you can be part of the demo!

I will have plenty of prizes to give away!

Abstract: Microsoft has a solution to help you to protect your data, manage mobile devices, unify environments across OSs all this while enabling seamless collaboration. In this session we will talk about the Enterprise Mobility Suite and how it plays together with the current needs of the modern workplace.


Edge Pereira is an experienced Office 365 DLP, SharePoint Architect and public speaker with more than 10 year’s project experience travelling across many countries around the world. He has extensive knowledge of SharePoint technologies with strong focus on SharePoint Online, Office 365 and on shaping the customer journey to the cloud.


Great prizes on offer!

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Azure AD Connect 1.1 is now GA- Lets kick the tyres

Alex Simons and Girish Chander recently announced that Azure AD Connect 1.1 has now gone GA, so lets take a look.

Currently there is a compatibility issue with Azure AD Connect 1.1 and some versions of Windows 2016. So I ran the tool on the latest Windows 2012R2 image on Azure.

Supported Operating Systems are listed here.

So lets install and configure. First time through I selected Customize to look at the options. Here you can select your SQL server (recommended for 50,000+ AD objects) and other settings. Also you can select the authentication method you wish to deploy for your hybrid cloud solution.




I then went back to do an express installation. Here you can see my branding is applied, and after entering my password I am prompted for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

1121.1 - Copy.PNG



Now the installation is complete, and we left the check box selected to do an initial sync. We could leave things how they are. But lets have a look at the other options.

Let’s pretend that only pilot users need to be sync’ed.1416

Here I select my pilot users (Default Users OU).


Also I want password writeback. This means when a user uses the self service to reset their password in the cloud it will also sync back to on-premises. I select this option (not selected by default).


All done, lets look at my Azure AD default directory. You can see my 3 sync’ed users. The On-Premises Sync service account was created automatically.


If you are interested in learning more about this please register to attend the next user group on EMS.

Aaron Whittaker @aaronw2003

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**I work for Microsoft, these are my own views.