Microsoft Cloud Roadshow Sydney KeyNote

Here on day 1 at the Microsoft Cloud Roadshow there was a lot of excitement and buzz around all things cloud. In the coffee line I met a fellow Microsoft employee who has been with the company for over 21 years in Redmond! As with all modern technical events there was an event site to show my pre-selected schedule.

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The Key Note:

Rachel Bondi – CMO and COO for Microsoft Australia opened the keynote.

We were lucky enough to have Julia White the General Manager of Cloud Platform from the US. Both Rachel and Julia started over 10 years ago in the Microsoft Office business. Julia spoke about digital transformation in the cloud.

Ben Walters Senior Product Manager gave a Delve demonstration. Delve uses machine learning. Everything he sees he already has access to. He can make a new board, to add docs to.  He showed Delve Analytics, and how we can adjust targets to drive personal productivity. Getting access to the organisation quicker. He also demonstrated using Outlook on iPhone and Enterprise Mobility Suite EMS blocked copying between Outlook and local applications such as notes.

delve analytics2

Julia mentioned how Xaramin (a recently acquired company) is now integrated directly into Visual Studio and can allow testing on hundreds of virtual phones at once to see where applications maybe failing.

Tom Hollander a Microsoft Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) built a web app.  He deployed a demo website from Visual Studio to Azure with 3 clicks. He discussed scaling out or up. The entire demo was deployed in less than 2 minutes.

Julia then showed a short video on the Nepal recovery effort, monitoring recovery and helping them rebuild.

Julia discussed the comprehensive hybrid cloud platform. Azure Stack for on premises management. Currently in pre-release. This will also go GA towards the end of the calendar year.

Jason Wu a Microsoft principal program manager gave a great Data insights demonstration on SQL Data Warehouse and PowerBi. He discussed the importance of a scalable data store, a tool to deliver the data intelligence and an agile approach. SQL data warehouse is industry first auto scaling cloud warehouse.

Julia – Discussed a case study on Rolls Royce. Rolls Royce needed to deliver new services to their clients. They have a lot of data but lacked the ability to give them new insights. They created the data warehouse. Of importance to Jet owners was: fuel efficiency by type of plane, by pilot, by route.  Rolls Royce is able to provide interesting insights to change the services they can provide to their customers.

Today I heard a new word. Perimeterless environments Julia discussed how Microsoft is able to provide secure platforms and  intelligence to assess different risks. Microsoft spends $1 Billion a year and has the largest security spend of any vendor. On average hackers sit on a network for 200 days before they are discovered. 2 billion emails are scanned a month.

Lastly, Julia announced that Ignite Australia will be on 14-17 February 2017 at the Gold Coast convention center.

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Reminder April 18th User Group- What’s new in Virtualization in Windows Server 2016

Session reminder next Monday evening.

Windows Server 2016 – Virtualization – In this session Jeff Alexander will discuss and show what’s new in Virtualization in Windows Server 2016 including increases in security and flexibility and improvements in deployment and Hyper-V Containers.

Jeff Alexander started at Microsoft in August 1987 as a Support Professional focusing on operating systems and desktop applications for Enterprise Customers. Since then he spent 6 years in Microsoft’s internal IT team as a Datacenter manager.  One of his biggest projects he was involved with was consolidation of the Sydney site to Singapore.  Jeff Alexander now focuses his passion for Windows Infrastructure and Microsoft Cloud technologies as an Sr. Technical Evangelist promoting and enabling the community of IT Professionals through vehicles as TechNet events; blogging, the TechNet Web Site , User Groups, MVP’s, and online webcasts.


Great prizes on offer!

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Find Time ~ Microsoft Meeting Scheduler

A great tool which more should use when trying to schedule a meeting is Find Time. This is the perfect tool trying to find times with external parties. This is even more exciting by the fact that only the meeting organiser needs to have the plugin installed.

1Go to the Office Store and register with your Office 365 user account.

Ensure that you download the plugin to your desktop Outlook app (on the right).

8Create a new email, click the Plugin at the top (on the right). Select your preferred times for the meeting. Select Next, note the settings, Holds (blocks the times in your calendar and in the attendees), Auto-schedule (once a time is agreed it will auto-schedule).


Here is one of the automated messages I received


After I click on the invite email in my inbox I am taken to this website, I can select my preferred time as well.


Here is a view of my dashboard, here I see open and completed meetings.


Here is what I receive in my inbox after voting is complete.


To watch a quick demo on how to do this click here

Here are some additional tips on how to keep tabs on your invite.

  1. As an organizer, you’ll get email updates every time someone votes.
  2. Your attendees will get emails reminding them to vote. You can turn off this setting when you create your invite.
  3. Optional attendees don’t need to vote for the required attendees to come to a consensus on a time.
  4. If your first-time attendees reply to your email instead of voting, encourage them to use the site.
  5. If an invite is not closed within 3 days, consider force scheduling by using the “schedule” link in emails we send you or on the voting page.
  6. Forgot the link to your invite’s voting page? You can easily find all your invites by looking at your dashboard.

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear it!

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