Find Time ~ Microsoft Meeting Scheduler

A great tool which more should use when trying to schedule a meeting is Find Time. This is the perfect tool trying to find times with external parties. This is even more exciting by the fact that only the meeting organiser needs to have the plugin installed.

1Go to the Office Store and register with your Office 365 user account.

Ensure that you download the plugin to your desktop Outlook app (on the right).

8Create a new email, click the Plugin at the top (on the right). Select your preferred times for the meeting. Select Next, note the settings, Holds (blocks the times in your calendar and in the attendees), Auto-schedule (once a time is agreed it will auto-schedule).


Here is one of the automated messages I received


After I click on the invite email in my inbox I am taken to this website, I can select my preferred time as well.


Here is a view of my dashboard, here I see open and completed meetings.


Here is what I receive in my inbox after voting is complete.


To watch a quick demo on how to do this click here

Here are some additional tips on how to keep tabs on your invite.

  1. As an organizer, you’ll get email updates every time someone votes.
  2. Your attendees will get emails reminding them to vote. You can turn off this setting when you create your invite.
  3. Optional attendees don’t need to vote for the required attendees to come to a consensus on a time.
  4. If your first-time attendees reply to your email instead of voting, encourage them to use the site.
  5. If an invite is not closed within 3 days, consider force scheduling by using the “schedule” link in emails we send you or on the voting page.
  6. Forgot the link to your invite’s voting page? You can easily find all your invites by looking at your dashboard.

If you have any questions or feedback, we would love to hear it!

profile pic Aaron @aaronw2003


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