Meetup Madness on the Gold Coast

staples-center-1100x542.jpg   Hello and happy new year.

Microsoft is planning something new this year at Ignite. “MeetUp Madness” is a free event on the Monday 13th Feb evening at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. Microsoft opened early last year on the Monday afternoon to try and get people to register before the event starts on Tuesday and we actually saw a big take-up. So this year we will take the opportunity to facilitate some community meetups at the Gold Coast Convention before the event officially kicks off.  With so many like-minded tech people coming in for the event, it’s a good opportunity for people with similar interests to come together from all over.  It will also help promote community groups in general. As always there will be food and drinks and some cool SWAG.

For those that wish to attend please email me here and you will be added to a mailing list with more information.

FAQ: If I am not attending Ignite can I still attend this meetup? Not sure but I will find out.

Aaron aaronw2003


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