Unplugged with Scott Guthrie – Ignite Gold Coast 2017

Unplugged with Scott Guthrie at Ignite.


I traveled to Ignite as a Microsoft employee.

After already being on a high after seeing Scott’s key note earlier in the day; the first thing that was very refreshing as I walked in was a blank notepad being shared on the screen reading Scott’s agenda.

When Scott started, he asked for several questions from the audience to set the agenda. I was lucky enough to get one of the 8 questions.

Here are the questions and answers:

Q: Microsoft developer road-map vision 5 years out

A: Visual studio now working on MACs, helping developers be successful, an awesome way to build apps that didn’t exist 5 years ago.

Q: How do these piece (PaaS, IaaS, Containers) work together in the future?

IaaS Plans – Nested Hyper-V, and more goodness

A: Build stuff faster, enable to be more successful. How do you take advantage of infrastructure and cloud offerings together? The management api allows you to manage all of your resources together. 1 common audit log, and single solution. Scott also discussed nested Hyper-V virtualisation within 2016. We will start the ‘lightup’ of more and more features this year. Over 100,000 Azure hosts already run with 2016. Discussed managed disks. VM Scale sets, auto scale rules. We now support 1000 Virtual Machines in a scale set, it also works with Windows and Linux, and it takes about 6 mins to deploy all 1000 servers.

Q: Cloud Services – are they going away?

A: No but we will see a transition to vm scale sets

Q: IAM roadmap within Azure- how to go from broader scoped to more granular

A: This is currently happening

Q: Cloud penetration testing against the cloud apps- what is allowed and when?

A: You can now, but you need to let Microsoft know first. Need to sign a form. Who has used the Azure security center? It will tell you when you have things configured with not good security practices. This is free, we actively look at security issues/incidents that you may have.

Q: Can you tell us the secret locations you are going to next?

A: No, but you can look at a map and see where we don’t have regions, maybe that is a place we will next look at. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/regions/

Q: What is the most exciting thig happening this year?

A: I am excited about azure stack which will ship very shortly.

Q: What office does Microsoft have for students and primary education?

A: We have lots of free, discounted software

What advice would I give to people looking to grow the career?

What type of roles will disappear, and what new roles will emerge in 5 years?

Traditional developer role will be key, Internet of Things, Never stop learning, growth mindset

Emerging – opportunity to be able to be able to understand how tech can make something better, in the future, it is often what my business wants. Translate business needs based on that capabilities, what can make a customer better, graphics and the move to augmented reality, getting bored with the apps in the phone, got 1 bot like system to interact with.


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