Democratic Movement towards Blockchain political voting

** Not a political ad or sponsorship, but rather an interesting look at real world uses of Block-chain technology.

Part 2 of a 2 part series.

Click here to read part 1 first

Now to drill into the item which I see huge potential in.

Imagine a political party with no policies on Education, Taxes, Health, or anything else. Sounds crazy, right? So crazy that it just might work. No potential in-fighting.

The Flux voting system has been around for 18 months. The Flux Party is attempting to win enough seats at federal and state levels in Australia enabling voters to directly influence the outcome of legislation that affects them, through the Flux app that has been built based on the block-chain.

How does it work, once a Flux member is voted into parliament?

All registered voters of that region/electorate which the Flux member represents are able to download the voting app. Even if the public didn’t vote for a Flux member, if they are in the electorate they still have a right to vote through the App to influence the decision of the FLUX member when they are in Parliament. All sorts of policies and bills will be summarised to enable the public to make informed decisions and vote accordingly. Once a vote is in the Flux member table this response/result as his vote in parliament. Sounds easy right? The underlying technology that allows this is the Blockchain, with a publicly verified ledger. This creates a fairer democracy. How many people think that the last election results are 100% accurate? Phase two would be to bring the same voting technology for voting members as shown by Homer below in a booth (perfect for the elderly); in addition this could also be an App on your phone.


Other countries have already started voted in this fashion.

Advantages for FLUX political party:

  • The majority of the electorate rule. **The larger part of the people who choose to vote in the electorate.
  • Votes you can trust – The voting system is not running on a Server anywhere, it is distributed across a public network, much like how Bitcoin works. This is a public ledger where anyone can verify that every vote is above board.
  • Stops backroom deals- Flux makes backroom deals difficult and ineffective.
  • Empower voters- Flux lets passionate Australians become fully involved in the political process, and to focus on the issues they care most about, and are best suited to impact.
  • Encourages criticism and debate- Flux encourages a culture of criticism. Voters examine new policy before it’s enacted.
  • Ends corruption- Big banks and corporations will have to win over ordinary people, not just wander parliament corridors with brown paper bags to win over Canberra insiders, the way it should be.
  • A launchpad for ideas- Flux encourages Australians to bring their great ideas for their communities to the political arena. You won’t have to be a powerful political organisation to innovate for Australia’s benefit.

So next time you are required to vote, ask all parties the questions that mean the most to you. Perhaps you will agree on Education reforms with one party, and Healthcare with another party. With FLUX you can have both. If you don’t agree with everything from your favored party, FLUX is the answer for you. All comments are welcomed on this new technology. But remember Technology isn’t what FLUX is about, it is about transparency. We now have the technology to remove all Parliament members, this is a step towards the future.

Aaron @aaronw


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