Making your Azure Virtual Machines go faster

Everyone always wants everything to go faster. More RAM (Memory) and more CPU.

There are two simple ways to do this with an Azure Virtual Machine. Simply select your VM in the Azure portal

And adjust the size up/down. If the desired new VM size is supported on the current hardware cluster hosting the VM, then the resize operation is a simple reboot operation.

More information on this can be found here.

The same can also be done via PowerShell

Stop-AzureRmVM -ResourceGroupName RGName -Name VMName -force # we need to stop VM for all list all available options

$vm = Get-AzureRmVM -Name VMName -ResourceGroupName RGName

$vm.HardwareProfile.VmSize = “Standard_D1_V2” # specific the VM size needed

Update-AzureRmVM -VM $vm -ResourceGroupName RGName

Start-AzureRmVM -ResourceGroupName RGName -Name VMName # start the VM if needed

Aaron Whittaker @aaronw2003

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