Microsoft Brisbane loves User Groups

Here in the Microsoft Brisbane office each week there is usually at least one User Group that you can attend. Sometimes two are on at the same time. The topics and subjects are varied.

Power BI – enable you transform data into rich visualizations. They focus primarily on Microsoft Power BI and other related Data Analytics technologies.

CRM – Topics focus on Microsoft Dynamics365 business, technical and end user. We also love discussing the latest industry news and exciting new trends. (Great food at this one!)

QLD ALM – Application Lifecycle Management, Microsoft Visual Studio and its associated products, technologies and practices

C# Mobile Developers – For those of you with Xamarin Studio, or Visual Studio with Xamarin and are building for iOS/Android/Windows mobile/Watches/HoloLens stories.

Brisbane Infrastructure Group – The original and biggest (members) user group in Brisbane.

Brisbane Cloud User Group – My user group, focusing on all things Microsoft Cloud.

Azure User Group – This user group has more of a developer focus.

.Net User Group – Focused around software development in the Microsoft space.

SQL User Group – Users of Microsoft SQL Server dedicated to sharing knowledge with each other

Office 365 User Group – The group aims to share Office 365 + EMS knowledge and best practice in an open and supportive environment.

Women in IT – A passionate group building the next generation of Digital leaders in Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Design, Strategy and Technology.

Now, I know I missed a few, you can find even more here.

If you would like to sponsor, present or attend, please reach out at the above links. If you have any trouble, please DM myself.

Some of these user groups even have special all day events. These varied User Groups are exciting for the IT community. Most of these groups are free and appreciate the support from Microsoft at all levels, theaters, catering, but most importantly great guest speakers from time to time.

See you at the next User Group…

Aaron Whittaker @aaronw2003

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