How to Migrate a VM from one Azure Subscription to another

Created by Aaron Whittaker.  Not to be reproduced without prior permission.

In Azure On Tenant 1 Power off the VM (this VM was not Sysprep’d or anything else)

Note end points, disks, VM size and any other settings


Download and install Azure Management Studio

Connect to the 2 Azure subscriptions.

In Azure Management Studio Drag and drop the VHD to the new destination.  It says ‘Move’ but the original VHD stayed in my testing.


Back in Azure On Tenant 2, go to Virtual Machines, Disks, and select create

Give the disk/s a name and select the VHD.  Ensure that OS disks have OS checked box selected.


Create a new VM, select from Gallery, select “MY DISKS”, and create the VM as required.

creating vm

I entered a new Username and Password, but the original credentials stayed on the VM (because I didn’t Sysprep the VM).

Attach any additional disks if required.  Ensure that you leave Host Cache Preference to NONE for these additional disks.

Power on the VM.

Download the RDP connection short cut

Log in.

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