TechEd Requests

For those that cannot make it to TechEd 2012, here are the topics below.

  • Hyper-V Replica;
  • Hyper-V Live Storage Migration;
  • Hyper-V Extensible Switch;
  • Hyper-V Copy;
  • Networking including native NIC teaming and network virtualisation;
  • New virtual hard disk format;
  • Microsoft VDI.

Please comment to request which topic you would prefer to see at the next session.  Hopefully at TechEd I can arrange a presentation for an up coming user group!

Proposed schedule

Session 1 July: Infrastructure Intro

Session 2 August: Management

Session 3 September: TechEd Special. To be confirmed…

Session 4 October: Backup/DR

Session 5 November: Migrations J

Session 6 December: Social Gathering


Please comment of make a request.  Also member presentations will be welcomed!